´Procrastination’ is a silent killer and the homosapiens who harbour this habit become it’s parasite unknowingly giving up ‭or delay their aspirations, desires, dreams etc. Ruminating over 💡 ideas and expecting that one day it would take shape or come alive will evaporate the idea. Why wear a cloak of so many ‘ifs & buts’? Peel them off raising the agility curve.

Success lies in the flip of the words, the way you address it. It could be a life changing experience. Acting immediately and working with focus would draw you closer to your goals. It must be RIGHT HERE & RIGHT NOW. An incremental change in your thoughts could avoid a cardiac crisis.

Sow an act TODAY & you reap a habit;

Sow a habit & you reap a character;

Sow a character & you reap a DESTINY



Life throws many challenges which could sabotage your efforts, paralysé your movement or matures you enough to stay ahead of the curve .

At any given point of time ‘seamless efforts’ clubbed with ‘focus’ and a ‘positive approach’ could change the complete scenario of neither choice nor chance resulting in intentional orchestration of one’s life.

It is said that ‘Rolling Stones gather no moss’ but if the same is seen in the perspective of choice or chance , the complete equation changes resulting in ‘ Rolling Stones gather more experience’.

Nonetheless ultimate happiness lies in making the best choice and taking a chance to pursue it not knowing what future beholds but it’s best to keep it simple ie choice by chance or chance by choice … ponder 🤔 and design your life.

When life gives you an opportunity to educate your self DONOT miss the chance by choice as EDUCATION will EMPOWER MANKIND.

Hopeless end or Endless hope

This blog is being dedicated to Stephen Hawkings who was the epitome of success and never let his physical disability become a barrier to learning and pursuing his dream . According to him “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” and “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”

In the current time every educational institution is gearing itself to handle learners with special educational needs or handling differently abled learners as part of inclusive education but It’s a challenge at every level as handling these cases calls for being ‘Prepared’. To add to the list we have exceptional learners who are either cognitively exceptional , physically exceptional or socio culturally exceptional and the list goes on …learners with behavioural issues, lack of attention span, Autism, ADHD, so on & so forth…

To build a robust society, every individual needs to be given a fair chance & equal opportunities ,we can’t live with Parochialism. We must orchestrate our efforts, redirect our focus as educational leaders to motivate everyone into mainstream education for all to have equal opportunities, after all every one is God’s favourite Child.


Heading towards 2020 we have already progressed to the app world 🌍 but do you ever wonder what to expect by 2050 ? Let’s talk about it as we have accelerated from the humanoid primitive man to the app generation.

The complete demographics will change due to cross migration and UN reports predict 2.2 million migrants are yet to arrive to richer parts of the world till 2050 which will completely change the model of the teaching learning process demanding multiple flexible educational methods.

UNESCO reports 2 key concepts in education in the coming century – learning throughout life & the four pillars of learning : to know, to be, to do & to live together.

As a result of the paradigm shift , teachers would be facilitators of knowledge and incubators for change where the focus would be on the ‘ Science of learning’ as the new age teaching learning process would be completely app based, hence schools will witness a sea change in its delivery model .

The learners would see & hear teachers on gadgets in the virtual classrooms. All the learners would be on an individual learning platform where apps, Skype, flipped classroom, simulations etc would dominate the classroom. Peer group collaboration through social media would take over both scholastic & non- scholastic activities.

To conclude, the schools of the future would be dynamic with augmented learning and would explore & exploit all learning management systems, all in the pursuit of knowledge. Accept the fact gracefully 😊.


In the 21st century with the onset of globalisation, the perspective of education changed and since then there’s been no looking back. The world 🌍 of Education has been dynamic and the buzz words were logical reasoning, critical thinking, HOTS ( Higher order thinking skills). Introduction of these in the classroom teaching practices & assessments brought about the desired results to make thinking a more divergent process rather than moving with blinkers.

So friends, keeping with the current global scenario isn’t it time we introduce LEGAL REASONING to bolster our economy and growth?

We need to grab the bull by it’s horn , tame the beast and take it for a 🧠 brainwash with legal reasoning to build a robust society.


Globally, citizens are metamorphosing into Netizens and living in an age of hashtags… Is the shift a tryst with destiny?

The ecosystem of survival has changed. Once upon a time we looked out for greener & cleaner pastures, playgrounds, open air theatres, joy rides and spent time with families , friends , neighbours etc. Shop hopping was fun and searching for stuff between the shelves have been replaced by a ‘search’ button online.

Dog ears in the books are history now, where’s the crispy sound of the pages turning ? Aren’t you nostalgic ?

The anxiety and anxiousness of meeting a friend/relative and sharing thoughts has all come to an end and nothing is a suspense any longer. Don’t you miss it?

Scrolling through a restaurant menu and arguing over choices, wasn’t it healthy as compared to the junk available while ordering online? Virtual images could be deceiving…

Awaiting a letter from a loved one would actually increase the intensity of affection, the long anxious wait is all over now. Do you yet feel the same in ‘real time’?

Emotions were worthy of the situations but now at the click of a button on a gaming console kills all of it. Wouldn’t you want to feel like a human again or living like a zombie is preferred?

The sweet pain of missing a person and the fact that distance made the heart grow fonder is passé and inspite of the world shrinking we have a rise in depressed individuals, heart breaks, suicides & divorces. Was the heart robust then or now ?

To conclude, let’s challenge our grey matter & shift from this portmanteau netizen to a citizen to bring back the zeal & zest of living this life!