A full ✋ meaning ‘The end’ OR … continuation left to imagination 🤔 ; A dot on a small ‘ i ‘ which is less ego that an I ? What do you think it should be 💭 ?

Taking you to the past, do you remember the homework sheet in our childhood days where we were asked to CONNECT THE DOTS and to our pleasant surprise we would get a different figure out of it which would give us insane happiness to see the unexpected but little did we know that this excercise would remain with us throughout our life.

SUCCESS is the outcome of all the dots being connected and the precursor to the connections are knowledge, experience, optimism , reflection, courage, perception & Claire voyance .




In a pluralistic society like ours we come across a spectrum of people and to deal with them, initially incremental changes in ourselves would be imperative. Over a period of time like a rolling stone we suddenly find ourselves totally transformed without gathering much moss as we went with the flow, then one fine day its happy realisation of the metamorphosis. Is that all?🤔

To get to the next level of evolution one has to take a leap , even if there are conceivable apprehensions where self inquiry is a must, giving up ego, accepting the change gracefully and preparing oneself for the higher calling in life. Ahead there you shall face true reality where learning will be at its peak resulting in legendary changes. The mind, body and soul being in tune with each other will mean SUCCESS in every thing you lay your hands on like the ‘Midas touch’. Try it!

No guts no glory ; No legend no story !

Money 💵 or/and Honey 👨🏻‍💼👩🏻‍💼

ABBA sang Money 💰 money money 🎼🎼 …. in a rich man’s world while AC/DC sang 🎤 What do you do for Money Honey?

So this is not a new age problem but certainly now it’s a rising issue to be addressed before relationships go from bad to worse.

It’s a catch 22 situation to decide between chasing Money or the homophone Honey or both, as we can’t do without either. Too much honey honey will change your focus from money and vice versa, too much money money will drift you away from your honey. What is to be done 🤔?

Inflation, desire, ambition, dream, societal pressure, children’s demand, rising cost of living, rising medical cost, pressure from parents & parent in laws, status, peer pressure, work pressure, commitments , performance pressure, office politics, gender inequality, biases…

Butter both sides of the bread 💭 hmmm? How to maintain work life balance?

Remain positive, resort to spirituality, keep your focus, refrain from being an emotional fool, live strong, weigh your priorities, don’t get carried away,visualise the bigger picture of your life, reduce your pace if needed, talk about your problems to your partner, get realistic over materialistic, be grounded and keep the faith.

Changing the face can change nothing but facing the change can change everything.




´Procrastination’ is a silent killer and the homosapiens who harbour this habit become it’s parasite unknowingly giving up ‭or delay their aspirations, desires, dreams etc. Ruminating over 💡 ideas and expecting that one day it would take shape or come alive will evaporate the idea. Why wear a cloak of so many ‘ifs & buts’? Peel them off raising the agility curve.

Success lies in the flip of the words, the way you address it. It could be a life changing experience. Acting immediately and working with focus would draw you closer to your goals. It must be RIGHT HERE & RIGHT NOW. An incremental change in your thoughts could avoid a cardiac crisis.

Sow an act TODAY & you reap a habit;

Sow a habit & you reap a character;

Sow a character & you reap a DESTINY


Life throws many challenges which could sabotage your efforts, paralysé your movement or matures you enough to stay ahead of the curve .

At any given point of time ‘seamless efforts’ clubbed with ‘focus’ and a ‘positive approach’ could change the complete scenario of neither choice nor chance resulting in intentional orchestration of one’s life.

It is said that ‘Rolling Stones gather no moss’ but if the same is seen in the perspective of choice or chance , the complete equation changes resulting in ‘ Rolling Stones gather more experience’.

Nonetheless ultimate happiness lies in making the best choice and taking a chance to pursue it not knowing what future beholds but it’s best to keep it simple ie choice by chance or chance by choice … ponder 🤔 and design your life.

When life gives you an opportunity to educate your self DONOT miss the chance by choice as EDUCATION will EMPOWER MANKIND.

Hopeless end or Endless hope

This blog is being dedicated to Stephen Hawkings who was the epitome of success and never let his physical disability become a barrier to learning and pursuing his dream . According to him “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” and “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”

In the current time every educational institution is gearing itself to handle learners with special educational needs or handling differently abled learners as part of inclusive education but It’s a challenge at every level as handling these cases calls for being ‘Prepared’. To add to the list we have exceptional learners who are either cognitively exceptional , physically exceptional or socio culturally exceptional and the list goes on …learners with behavioural issues, lack of attention span, Autism, ADHD, so on & so forth…

To build a robust society, every individual needs to be given a fair chance & equal opportunities ,we can’t live with Parochialism. We must orchestrate our efforts, redirect our focus as educational leaders to motivate everyone into mainstream education for all to have equal opportunities, after all every one is God’s favourite Child.