Globally, citizens are metamorphosing into Netizens and living in an age of hashtags… Is the shift a tryst with destiny?

The ecosystem of survival has changed. Once upon a time we looked out for greener & cleaner pastures, playgrounds, open air theatres, joy rides and spent time with families , friends , neighbours etc. Shop hopping was fun and searching for stuff between the shelves have been replaced by a ‘search’ button online.

Dog ears in the books are history now, where’s the crispy sound of the pages turning ? Aren’t you nostalgic ?

The anxiety and anxiousness of meeting a friend/relative and sharing thoughts has all come to an end and nothing is a suspense any longer. Don’t you miss it?

Scrolling through a restaurant menu and arguing over choices, wasn’t it healthy as compared to the junk available while ordering online? Virtual images could be deceiving…

Awaiting a letter from a loved one would actually increase the intensity of affection, the long anxious wait is all over now. Do you yet feel the same in ‘real time’?

Emotions were worthy of the situations but now at the click of a button on a gaming console kills all of it. Wouldn’t you want to feel like a human again or living like a zombie is preferred?

The sweet pain of missing a person and the fact that distance made the heart grow fonder is passé and inspite of the world shrinking we have a rise in depressed individuals, heart breaks, suicides & divorces. Was the heart robust then or now ?

To conclude, let’s challenge our grey matter & shift from this portmanteau netizen to a citizen to bring back the zeal & zest of living this life!


Making the right mistakes

The current system of education expects the system to teach every learner to be ‘perfect’ and ‘flawless’ . Examples of perfect people become their lessons in the text books which indirectly are creating boundaries in learning in the learner’s mind. The assessment systems too, are assessing what they have learnt and not the unknown. Everything seems very hunky dory in the system as we believe in exposing the learners to only positive situations cause we strongly believe that exposing them to negative situations could have a negative impact on their psychological making of the tender minds, but how much do we realise that we are building the generation who aren’t able to face atrocities, adversities as these matters are not addressed in our text books. The history text books teach the learners how XYZ was victorious but lacks lessons of losers which is a circumcision of so called ‘ overall development’.

All the lessons that the learners go through don’t teach them to survive in a world of Sharks & Piranhas who are thriving on the goodness of people. As a result we haven’t prepared our learners enough.

Also the job market recognises people to’ think out of the box’ but how many can do so with their minds stuffed with ‘preconceived notions’ enforced by our education and assessment system? All this is a result of we not permitting them to make mistakes and their growth & development is stunted in the bargain of creating ‘perfect students’.

In current times good parenting is all about protecting the children, the same is expected from the educational institutions and all the social settings too are in favour of child safety & protection, this safe environment is actually resulting in unsafe mental health leading to an increase in youth suffering from ‘Depression ‘. The WHO results are testimony to our manned indulgences.

Let’s teach the generation to turn every adversity into opportunity. Better to be surrounded by ‘warm wounds’ than be frozen by solitude.


Language in its true sense must be used to communicate, motivate and elevate rather than degrade, depress and disintegrate. The finesse in ones speech not only reflects ones character but also their approach towards life (optimistic or pessimistic).

While dealing with children, language matters to an extend that it can build or shatter their confidence; it could be a moral booster and set the tone for life.

Both, home and school, play an important role in language building and we are the educational actors who have the power to unlock the creative, innovative potential of language usage. We must align ourselves to this common mission.

Currently, SMS language has totally diluted the essence of language. It’s different strokes for different folks.

To conclude, prudence in action is required to bridge this yawning gap and my biggest concern is the lack of concern to address negative situations in a positive language.


Where there is no will, there’s no way…

Being original is an art, and seldom, humans follow it and become slaves of social dogmas, deviate from their basics and that’s when the rollercoaster ride of life begins… it’s a compromise.

There seems a major disconnect between one’s individuality and what is one pursuing. Most of the times the herd mentality leads to ‘fractured thoughts’ losing ones basic individuality in the pursuit of happiness. To add, the social conditions of our society are forever evolving, we fall prey to it due to lack of mindfulness and a constant fear of being considered an ‘outcaste’. Why can’t we just accept, respect appreciate & celebrate ‘INDIVIDUALITY’.

Finally, to improve our happiness and emotional quotient, we have to pave a path with pairs of eyes unblinkered by fear while keeping our apprehensions and prejudices at bay. Being mindful is the answer.

This awareness has to be addressed at classroom level developing critical thinking, conflict resolution and problem solving attitudes. Helping our learners develop a scientific temper would surely improve the dynamics of the society in turn making the world a peaceful place to live in.


Life throws many surprises in the form of situations ahead of us. Blessed are the people who encounter these on a daily basis and await for more challenges to come their way –  as they derive pleasure solving and overcoming such situations. They term ‘problem’ as a ‘challenge’.

On the other hand, there are so called enthusiasts, who try to live life to the fullest but fear being encountered by situations which deviate their smooth functioning regarding them as ‘set back’.

To develop survival skills facing adversities or being bogged down by them is totally your call depending on the personality you are trying to develop yourself to be. The same concoction could be a health potion or poison depending on how to consume it. It’s all in the eyes of the beholder.

Focus on the power of purpose to experience unalloyed bliss and a state of divine intoxication in the process. Rise above myopic concerns and do not indulge in self sabotaging behaviour. Fight to be victorious, if you don’t fight for what you want then don’t cry for what you’ve lost.


Are we getting our Millenials ready for automisation and robotisation? Where are we heading towards … techology driven, human resource driven or system driven work process?

Currently even the silicon valley trend watchers and the technoprophets are absolutely apprehensive and wondering the future of ‘work’ as the definition is changing rapidly. Mass unemployment and decline in wages are predicted, so what has future in hold for us?

Our education system is to be blamed to an extent which is only based on theories of the past and bite size information . Also to add, the teaching learning process is restricted only to the four walls of the classroom and to what extent are we using ‘learning by doing’ as a method of teaching? Our assessment systems too are criteria based rather than skill based, what do you have to say about this?

We are mollycoddling the Millenials with gadgets and whatever they want without realising that we are making them handicapped rather than training them to ‘work’ to get what you want. In other words we are fishing for them rather than teaching them how to fish.

It’s time we move towards including internships in our curriculum to bridge the gap between formative years of learning and what is expected in the world of work and make them future smart.

The crux of the situation is that everyone is fearing discussing what would the terminology ‘work’ mean in future. Now it’s upto you to be enthusiastic to adapt to change or to be skeptical about it.