You must be familiar with the saying ‘ NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN’ right? Is it right to say that if you want to achieve something that you desire so much or so badly but call the journey to reach your goal painful ? How’s that possible? Ideally the journey should be driven with so much of passion deriving you happiness that you are soon going to gain what you desire. Isn’t it? This surely deserves a thought πŸ€”

Don’t wear a cloak of ignorance when I say Passion brings prosperity while pain will only sabotage your efforts. There should certainly be a rise in your gratitude index for pain to be replaced by passion .

For generation alpha to progress we immediately need to change this or else they would never want to gain anything with the fear of pain . Are you getting it right?

So I conclude by saying that don’t let short term panics derail long term reforms . Let it be rechristened as ‘ NO PASSION NO GAIN’



Are you in awe of someone? Is it being awestruck about something in someone that is attractive & you would want to ape it or mimic it?

Have you ever asked the question why would you want to do that? Is it because you doubt your own capabilities, you feel inapt about yourself? You wonder about how to achieve that level of being πŸ€”? Please be informed that it’s not about anyone else, it all about ‘YOU’ & ‘YOURSELF’.

You need to defy yourself to achieve what stuns you about the other person. Peep within yourself , find out what’s πŸ›‘ stopping you, believe in yourself, trust yourself to achieve it. As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day hence neither can you achieve the ‘awe factor’ overnight . You need to slog, give up something if required, discipline yourself, gather your emotions, chalk a path, remain focused, handle failures gracefully and talk to yourself about it. It’s all about ‘YOU’ & ‘YOURSELF’ .

Gathering courage, determination, planning, execution, clairvoyance, appetite for failing, patience & acceptance , giving a deaf ear to gossip mongers, not limiting yourself to mediocrity, saving your energy to focus on the awe factor will sans doubt navigate your direction towards achieving it. My friend, it’s all about ‘YOU’ & ‘YOURSELF’

Don’t be saddled with frivolous thoughts, also remember ‘Loose lips sink ships’. Choose your company to derive motivation or work in singularity. When pirated ideas, commodities etc. are not acceptable then why lead a pirated life? It’s all about ‘YOU’ & ‘YOURSELF’.

Wishing you success NOW & not FOREVER! Act on it cause it’s NOW or NEVER!


To perform positive action, develop positive vision- The XIV Dalai Lama

On this note let’s begin the new year 2019 with the ‘DO IT YOURSELF’ thought which is applicable in all fields in everyone’s life. Being dependent on anything is a handicap and before you realise, the absence of that on which you are dependent could paralyse you. Doesn’t this sound alarming & familiar ?

Currently ‘Skill development ‘ is the buzz word everywhere,rather not realising that the biggest and easiest solution to all sorrows, miseries, foul play, failures , heartbreak, business losses etc is DIY ie self involvement, self indulgence & Self participation in every field of life to cure dependency, mistrust, miscommunication, mismanagement, mishandling & missing opportunities to growth. So shouldn’t we consider DIY the acronym of the century?

It’s an incipient change with no financial contraints while you only stand to gain in future. So what are you waiting for??? πŸ€” Stand up & get moving to enjoy superlative success with your stellar performance.



Imagine your feeling when you are being told I LOVE YOU & CARE FOR YOU vs πŸ’“ πŸ€—. Which one would be more preferred & impactful & touch your heart directly?

It’s really disheartening to see our emotions being replaced by emoticons. They have taken over our verbal communication and with the introduction of more emoticons I fear ‘ language’ becoming extinct to express oneself. We smart humans will turn ‘dumb’ in the true sense & ‘numb’ our emotions by not voicing them .

Emoji replacing language will only degenerate language resulting in a metamorphosis in the language of communication not realising that a lot of meaningful emotion is lost in translation of the emoji.

Please agree with me when I say that just one emoji cannot replace the string of emotions that we humans are blessed with and that’s what makes us different from animals. We are blessed by the gift of ‘expression’ and that is something we are getting rid off? Emojis are intentional orchestration to fracture language , don’t fall for it . There would be such technological distractions in times to come but do not give up expressing your feelings in WORDS.

Before you realise that your words to express are in short supply, revive your language art from it’s ventilator state. Be human & not hmmm…



It’s time to reboot your thought process.

The world is dynamic, politics are dynamic across the world, geographies are dynamic, religion is dynamic with changing norms of the society & gender fluidity and education is no exception to this change. Digital media is breaking all learning barriers.

With the advent of virtual reality, Augmented reality & Artificial intelligence the teaching learning space has to change to a digital learning environment & we edupreneurs aren’t left with much choice but to adapt to newer innovative methods of teaching and concept development. The approach to ‘learning by doing’ has changed with the technology shift, thanks to 3D printing, robotics, coding & e-learning.

Approach to Education has to be more skill based mastering skills like coding , extracting information from big data, problem solving, critical thinking, logical reasoning developing collaborative approach which are the immediate requirements of the paradigm shift in education .

It has become imperative for parents too to change their mindset with the shift in education space.They have to accept application based assessments, open book assessments, e-books instead of physical copies, digital mediums of learning if they want to mould their ward into a 21st century citizen geared with the required skill set.



Life has no definition, it’s how you live it meaningfully .During a lifetime we make mistakes, learn from mistakes, fall and then rise again, make & break relationships, fall in & fall off love, face heartbreaks, make profits & losses and the list is unending…isn’t it? Have you ever succeeded taking calculated moves or benefitted being a risk taker?

ThΓ© work space ecosystem, relationships, only result oriented education system, estranged friendships are all stressful these days. As a result to wait for the Β΄D day’ to enjoy life is like a chicken & egg problem,do you really think you need a reason to enjoy? Never postpone enjoyment cause enjoying life would build your stamina to face adversities of not only life but day to day menaces too.

It’s wise to remain benign, weird & seize the day ! Don’t try hard to fit your round self in a square hole.

Finish each day & be done with it. You have done what you could. Tomorrow is a new day. – Ralph Waldo Emerson



What efforts are we making towards informing the GenZ about our culture and our roots ?

The interest of the current generation lies in Star Wars, Super heroes like iron man , Aliens, Villains like Thanos etc. They actually idolise such characters and take pride in showing off their knowledge about such characters to their peers. It’s every child’s dream to possess a figurine of these super heroes and we adults give in to their wants too not realising that we are taking them away from our culture & not only exposing them but also encouraging them to believe in the powers of these superheroes while they brag about the weapons they have. The games that they play on their PS4 etc are muting their emotions while involving them in war games, killing their opponents etc.

It’s time to reboot, oil the education machinery and introduce culture studies in the curriculum for this generation to know about our roots . Introduction of heroes from our epics Mahabharata & Ramayana and their figurines would not only add value but also teach them to appreciate our past which can’t be written off as a bucket of ashes but should be revived as a pale of treasured Gold.